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Vacuum drying of wood

ISVE: leader in wood treatment

Dryers, impregnators, systems for the heat treatment of timber ...

ISVE, a leader in wood treatment in Italy and abroad, is the first to have used vacuum technology as an element of innovation to support the processing of wood.

From 1977, armed with a business philosophy based on innovation ISVE designs and manufactures vacuum drying kilns, impregnation plants, handling systems, vaporizers, sprayers and systems for heat treatment, also adding the production of shredders and grinders for wood and industrial waste.

Advanced technology

in the most complete range of wood treatment systems

Established in 1977 out of the passion for wood, ISVE is nowadays a well-established company at an international level for designing, manufacturing and marketing wood treatment machines.

Our plants are used by the most innovative companies around the world to manufacture many different items from musical instruments, fittings, structural timber work, outdoor furniture and thousands other products.

Customer care is at the core of our service, professional technicians will look after your requirements from the initial specification through to installation and guarantee a user friendly low operating cost solution.

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Vacuum drying kilns


Vacuum impregnation plants


Electric vaporizers

Heat treatment

Treatment at high temperature


with vacuum suction cup


Digital hygrometers


Vacuum degasification systems


Shredders and refiners

Why choose ISVE WOOD

Based on solid experience with the real issues found when treating timber and semi-finished wood products, ISVE manages and controls all the production stages of its equipment.

The technical department designs and carries out its own research, development, and functional testing before introducing any innovation to the production process.

The quality obtained through ISVE’s procedures results in the minimization of waste, maintenance of the size of the pieces, containment and optimization of energy consumption, and finally, the attainment of stable and aesthetically pleasing results over time.

The technical department is also able to provide online technical support including upgrades for its systems worldwide.