The heat treatment of wood is performed by using ISVE patented systems that ensure a gradual and progressive darkening of wood thanks to the combined action of the vacuum and high temperatures.

Boards and semi-finished wood treated in this manner are completely stabilized and sterilized, in warmer colour tones that respect the natural grain of wood, with noticeable aesthetic results.

A particularly pleasing added value for those who produce parquet and garden furniture and those dedicated to veneering furniture.



HTVST – High Temperature Vacuum Steam Treatment

The heat treatment of wood at high temperature (High Temperature  Vacuum Steam Treatment) patented by ISVE Srl under the HTVST® trade mark, unlike other treatments, uses electrically heated plates placed inside a cylinder kept under vacuum conditions with the periodic injection of water steam.

The creation of a vacuum minimizes heat loss and hence improves energy efficiency, removes all the gases resulting from the pyrolysis of the wood, and facilitates the diffusion of the steam to ensure that hydrolysis occurs and to attain the final colour of the treated wood.



HTVST dryers can be used as vacuum dryers as well.

This characteristic is very important because the initial moisture content of the wood influences the end of treatment colour. The initial use of the system as a dryer even out the moisture level throughout the stack of wood to be treated and therefore ensures the constancy and repeatability of the final colour.

This system does not use chemicals to colour the wood and is characterized by lower operating costs with respect to other solutions on the market.


Stack sizes m3 1,5 5
Internal lenght m 5 5
Power KW 30 665
Weight Kg 1.500 3.500



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I.S.V.E. designs and builds wood treatment machinery that can be customized according to customer needs.


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