Preserving wood from attack by atmospheric and biological agents such as fungi, insects and bacteria.

Vacuum impregnators IMP-PG:
ideal for window frames, grills, shutters, doors or loose elements.

The IMP-PG vacuum impregnators by ISVE were designed with the specific purpose of preserving wood from attack by atmospheric and biological agents such as fungi, insects and bacteria.

In fact, these impregnation plants enable the optimal application of specific protective treatments, chosen according to the type of wood and hazard class. All this without disrupting the natural characteristics of different wood species.

The possibility of employing waterbased impregnators and the spraying of the product in a hermetically sealed autoclave also means absolute respect for the environment.

Treatments Hazard Class: up to 3.
Fire-retardant treatment.



How IMP-PG systems work

The pieces to treat are hanged to a moveable frame and put into the autoclave, which after having been hermetically closed, performs the process by an automatic sequence consisting in:

  • an initial phase of vacuum to remove the air from wooden vessels,
  • a further phase for the introduction of the preservative which is sprayed through the nozzles suitably positioned inside the autoclave so that the joinery is completely treated,
  • final phase of re-setting at the atmospherique pressure.

The process may be set in order to obtain a more or less impregnation depth according to the quality requirements.
Generally it is possible to perform about 2/3 cycles per hour.
With this plant it is necessary to immobilize a very slight preservative (about 60-70 litres).


The advantages of the IMP-PG systems

The use of the vacuum impregnation allows:

  • a real immersion in depth of the preservative in the works, especially in the head areas of the timber and into the holes or cavaties where protection is most needed.
  • a better fastening of the products on the wooden surface.
  • no noxious pollution.
  • no evaporation of the solvents which compose the preservatives.
  • sensible savings of the preservatives and paints.
  • the use, in the same plant, of a wide range of impregnating products for the protection or care against woodworm, termites, fungi, etc., for woods subjected to risk classes 1, 2 and 3.
  • homogeneous protection of the wood against sunlight
  • total protection against humidity and water
  • homogeneous application of paints and total penetration of the resin into joints, cracks and weak areas (not protected by other processes)
  • perfect penetration of the coating product even in the smallest porosities by applying the double vacuum (vac-vac).This allows a much longer life of the products than traditional systems.
  • maximum seal between finish and base
  • considerable reduction of the preparation time of the surfaces after the application of the base thanks to the very reduced phenomenon of the “lifting of the hair”
  • recovery of all the product not applied on the pieces
  • absence of processing waste.

These hermetically sealed and automatic cycle wood impregnators also eliminate the need for:

  • use specialized personnel
  • adopt expensive equipment for the treatment and filtration of paint residues
  • consume more paint product than necessary
  • carry out heavy checks to guarantee a constant quality value


Politecnico di Madrid – Certificated protection of autoclaves IMP-PG
Risk classes I – II – III



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