Wood impregnation treatment in autoclaves using the vacuum under pressure system.

People love and appreciate living and working in environments with finishing and panelling wood, they value its warmth and the incomparable unique natural beauty that no other mineral or synthetic origin material has.

However, these qualities are penalised by a single factor: durability.
As atmospheric and biological agents such as mushrooms, insects and bacteria attack wood more or less rapidly, the preference has fallen on selecting and using “naturally” resistant wood.
The continuous demand for these species has considerably reduced its availability and increased the price.

This has led to the need of use less long lasting but much more inexpensive wood, this apply effective treatment to increase its natural resistance.

ISVE plants offer the opportunity to take advantage of this constantly growing market, with impregnation systems designed specifically for wood, of proven design and construction quality that guarantee a long life of the treated woods.



Vacuum Pressure Impregnation Systems IMP-VP:
high productivity and low operating costs

ISVE wood impregnation plants are designed to maximise penetration of active ingredients in different timber species to use CLASS 4-5.

Materials built with high quality that guarantee a long-lasting service life (some IMP-VP plants have been operating for more than 40 years now!).

The plant consists of an autoclave where the wood is treated. Our unique trolley & door timber mechanism make effortless & efficient the loading of timber into the autoclave. After the first vacuum stage, the impregnating solution is flooded into the autoclave and forced under pressure into the cell structure of the timber. The combination of the initial vacuum and high-pressure stages guarantees a total penetration of the active ingredients.



IMP-VP impregnators: when to use them

Use of impregnators IMP-VP to protect wood exposed for varying lenghts of time to external weather conditions.

The use of vacuum-pressure impregnators is advisable for all those products, such as:

  • garden furniture,
  • brushes,
  • fences,
  • prefabricated elements for building,
  • platforms for trucks,
  • flooring, ship fittings,
  • piles in agriculture,
  • packing,

which are exposed for varying lengths of time to external weather conditions.

In the same way, treatment of all those exotic and non-exotic woods with insecticides is indispensable in that even if only used indoors, they are subject to woodworm and other similar xylophages.

The products that can be used in our plants are:

  • Solvent based IMPREGNANTS having a protective, exterminating action against mildew, insects, bacteria;
  • Salt based IMPREGNANTS dissolved in water having a protective, exterminating action against mildew, insects, bacteria;
  • Fireproof salt based IMPREGNANTS dissolved in water having also a protective action.



Advantages of IMP-VP system

There are many points in favour of this type of investment.

The most important are the following:

  • Low capital investment
    Very few investments in the wood industry can be compared to the capital investment over thousands of m3 of treated wood a year, as an IMP-VP plant.
  • Low labour cost
    One person in charge for each work shift is sufficient to manoeuvre, unload and load the plant, as long as there is a mechanical means of handling the piles of wood.
  • Wide and expanding market
    All that is required is to evaluate the customs entry for imports of treated material to assess the available market space.
  • Low maintenance costs
    If care is taken in keeping the plant clean, the maintenance costs are very low as there are very few moving parts.
  • Very marketable 
    Not only can the material be treated with a humidity of 30%, but it can be also used and handled without problems only a few days after treatment.
  • Easy to adapt to market requirements
    Thanks to the limited labour required it is easy to face variations in production without creating serious problems.
  • No form of contract is required for impregnated products
    I.S.V.E. Srl operates in the company industrial engineering sector and does not sell impregnated products. The customer is therefore free to move on the market without any form of restriction
  • No danger of ruining the material 
    I.S.V.E IMP-VP plants are supplied with an electric control panel equipped with a microprocessor (Vacutronic system) which minimises the possibility of an erroneous manoeuvre. Connection to a normal PC means all the cycle phases for RAL certification can be visualised and printed.



Wood Technological Partner

I.S.V.E. designs and builds wood treatment machinery that can be customized according to customer needs.


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