A standard plant is made up of:

  • An autoclave capable of resisting a vacuum of -700mmHg at a pressure of 12 atm.
  • Storage tank for the impregnant.
  • A small sized preparation tank for the impregnant .
  • A vacuum pump.
  • A high-pressure pump.
  • An electric switchboard panel with a microprocessor, with the possibility of connecting it to a personal computer.
  • Should the plants be “off the ground” the possibility to go out to structure the plant with an autoclave positioned higher up that acts as a storage tank for the solution.

The reduced sizes compared to the productivity of these plants allow considerable savings in terms of space and they are easy to place inside the company.

The vacuum-pressure impregnator IMP-VP consists of an autoclave laid upon a bath to be intered.
The bath is used to preserve the conservation, the autoclave for the wood to treat laying on a suitable carriage.

During the operative phase the preservative passes from the storing bath to the autoclave which contains the timber and after having performed the impregnation, it comes back into its former container.
The whole process is carried out with automatic cycle. The plants work by using a maximum vacuum of -730 mmHg, an hydraulic overpressure of 12 Atm, and then may perform impregnation cycles by full-cell, empty-cell or only at the pieces pheriphery.

This is the ideal plant for the treatments by preservative with salts dissolved in water.


Stack sizes m32,512
Internal lenght m612
Autoclave L714
Vacuum mmHg0-730
Pressure Atm013
Tank Liters4.50035.000
Weight Kg5.60020.000



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