Production of machines and plants for wood treatment and waste shredding.

Advanced technology in the most complete range of wood treatment equipment

ISVE, a leader in wood treatment in Italy and abroad, is the first to have used vacuum technology as an element of innovation to support the processing of wood. From 1977, armed with a business philosophy based on innovation ISVE designs and manufactures vacuum drying kilns, impregnation plants, handling systems, vaporizers, sprayers and systems for heat treatment, also adding the production of shredders and grinders for wood and industrial waste.


Vacuum drying kilns

Heating only where necessary and with maximum efficiency is the philosophy of the new ISVE vacuum drying kilns, either with heating platens or with discontinuous vacuum. The wood pile to be dried is never uniform, therefore providing more thermal energy to the areas where the wood is wetter or colder is the secret to obtain a high degree of uniformity and quality in the treated wood.


Vacuum impregnation plants

The ISVE impregnators for wood ensure the high durability of products in all types of wood. The vacuum autoclaves are designed and constructed so as to make the most of vacuum technology. A technology that allows the active and protective ingredients to better penetrate the wood fibres ensuring superior protection against fungus and other pathogens.


Electric vaporizers

Unlike other materials, such as metals, the deformation of wood elements often represents an uncertainty deriving from the uneven distribution of fibres along the section. With its range of vaporizers, ISVE is able to “plasticize” wood by subjecting it to the action of vacuum and water vapour. In this condition, the element can be easily bent or shaped.

Heat treatment

Treatment at high temperature

The heat treatment of wood is performed by using ISVE patented systems that ensure a gradual and progressive darkening of wood thanks to the combined action of the vacuum and high temperatures. Boards and semi-finished wood treated in this manner are completely stabilized and sterilized, in warmer colour tones that respect the natural grain of wood, with noticeable aesthetic results.


with vacuum suction cup

Board handling systems with vacuum suction cup. Vacuum movers (suction cups) also radio controlled. Boards and other wooden elements can be moved quickly and securely with ISVE vacuum (suction cup) handlers for wood. These systems take advantage of vacuum technology to give the suction cup unit better grip on the surface of the wood, even on the most irregular surfaces.


Digital hygrometers

Digital hygrometers for wood can measure and control the humidity inside the wood, taking into account numerous variables such as ambient temperature, temperature of the wood, etc. The moisture meters available from ISVE are portable, characterized by high precision and designed specifically for different types of wood.


Vacuum degasification systems

Vacuum degassers for foam elements.

Degasification vacuum systems for foam elements.


Shredders and refiners

A complete range of systems for shredding and re-cycling industrial waste. Our shredders are well engineered and very reliable and used in many different industrial markets. Shredding any kind of wood is our speciality, even those that contain contaminating materials, such as nails, plastic, cardboard, etc.

ES-ESC series

Dryers for lumber

Dry kilns ES-ESC series with continuous vacuum

EM series

Dryers for lumber

Dry kilns EM series with discontinuous vacuum

IMP-VP series

Vacuum impregnators

Impregnation treatment with vacuum under pressure.

IMP-PG series

Vacuum impregnators

Spray vacuum impregnators for preserving wood.

ISVE Recycling

Shredders and refiners

Systems for shredding and re-cycling waste.



Electric vaporizers for plasticization of wood.

Suction cups

Vacuum handlers

Board handling systems with vacuum suction cup.

Foam elements

Vacuum degassers

Degasification vacuum systems for foam elements.

igrometri digitali per legnoDISCOVER


Digital hygrometers for wood to measure internal humidity.