Vacuum wood impregnation plants use a limited quantity of impregnating solution.

In the early stages of its development, impregnation in autoclaves was used to give processed wood the characteristics of durability and protection.
With the growing necessities of the market and with the increase in the demand for high quality standards, the necessity to add aesthetic characteristics to the wood such as colouring, correction of possible defects and flaws and the enhancement of the typical grain of each type of wood has grown.

Thickly applied coatings giving the wood no possibility to breathe has over the years been modified thanks to the creation of thin film layers and lacquer. These products, besides being less expensive, intensify aesthetic characteristics, and the treated surfaces are also pleasant to the touch.
However, right from the start, less protection has negatively affected one very important factor: durability.


The realisation of mod. IMP-PG vacuum impregnation plants, designed to operate using a limited quantity of impregnant contained in the plant, has enabled firstly, the clear or coloured application of impregnants to be used followed by primer and finish coatings.

The plant, hermetically closed and operating automatically, eliminates the necessity for:

a) Specialised personnel;
b) Expensive equipment for treating and filtering of waste from coating;
c) More coating product to be used than is necessary;
d) Expensive controls to guarantee a constant quality level;

Furthermore it guarantees:

  1. The use of a wide range of impregnants in the same plant for the protection or treatment against woodworm, termites, fungi etc., for wood subjected to Risk Class 1, 2 and 3.
  2. Perfect homogenous protection against the sun’s rays.
  3. Protection against humidity and water: the perfectly homogenous application waterproofs up to the last micro-pore and makes the wood water repellent.
  4. A new coating process, which gives a perfectly homogenous application and a total penetration of the resin in the joints, cracks and weak areas which when using other processes do not receive protection.
  5. The fixing characteristics regarding the application of coating products in the absence of air using ultra high vacuum (vac-vac) enable penetration into the smallest of pores, reaching a durability level 3 to 4 times higher than normal coatings.
  6. Maximum bond between primer and finishing coat.
  7. Significant reduction in surface preparation time after applying the primer thanks to the reduced “lifting of skin” phenomena.
  8. Recovery of the entire unused product.
  9. There is no waste of product.

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