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Second-hand machine as new; Year of production: 2022; Price: Euro 45,000.00+IVA.

AUTOCLAVE The autoclave is designed and manufactured in accordance with the current safety standards prescribed by the new Machinery Directive 2006/42 EC.

Technical characteristics of the autoclave

  • Cylindrical autoclave made of thick calendered and electro-welded sheet metal, capable of supporting a vacuum of 730 mmHg;
  • Stainless steel construction type AISI-304 or carbon steel internally protected by a double coat of epoxy paint;
  • Outer rings for reinforcement and thermal insulation of the cylinder;
  • Internal stainless steel guides for sliding the load carriage;
  • Rear mechanical limit switch;
  • Internal air condensers in AISI-304 stainless steel (not present on all systems);
  • Hatch consisting of an AISI-304 stainless steel or carbon steel semi-elliptical bottom for sealing the autoclave. Manual ‘flag’ type opening;
  • Arrangement for connection of heating plate supply plugs and humidity and temperature probes;
  • Solenoid valve for automatic regulation of air return;
  • External cylinder insulation (INCLUDED).


  • ‘hatch closed’ limit switch to inhibit operation of the electric heater when ‘hatch open’;
  • Electronic pressure transducer from -1 to +1.5 Bar to maintain vacuum value at optimum levels;
  • AISI 304 stainless steel air and wood condensate pipes;
  • Y filter at the outlet to protect the non-return valve;
  • Internal condenser temperature probe (if present).

VACUUM CIRCUIT The vacuum circuit consists mainly of the pump and condenser. Both pieces of equipment ensure the vacuum and separation of condensate water from the drying wood.

Technical characteristics:

  • From 5 to a maximum of 100 aluminium plates to allow progressive and controlled heating of the wood;
  • Electrical supply connection of the plates ensured by three-pole silicone cable with high thermal resistance;
  • Special plugs/power sockets resistant up to 150°C.


  • ‘Door closed’ limit switch to inhibit operation of the electric heater when the machine is open;
  • Wood and heating plate temperature probes;
  • Electronic control of the drying process to ensure that neither the heating nor the wood temperature exceeds the programmed values.

CARRIAGE AND SLIDES The robustly constructed carriage is designed and manufactured to accommodate the load of wood to be dried and the heating plates.

Technical characteristics:

  • Support frame made of thick electro-welded metal profiles;
  • Galvanised steel running wheels fitted with special bearings for working under harsh conditions;
  • Sliding guides consisting of two sturdy rails that can be mounted elevated or embedded in the ground.

CONTROL PANELRRIAGE AND SLIDES The control panel automatically manages all phases of the drying process.

Technical characteristics:

  • PLC model Siemens S7-1200 to drive all the machine peripherals and automatically control the drying cycles;  
  • 5.7″ touchscreen panel for user-friendly machine interface and advanced graphics;
  • Direct microcontroller readout of the 4- 20mA Wika pressure transducer, in all vacuum and heating phases;
  • No. 3 probes for reading the moisture values of the material to be dried;
  • Remote assistance system type ‘Isveconnect’ operating via Ethernet or access point for remote management of drying programs, alarms and cycle history directly from Isve Server.


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I.S.V.E. designs and builds wood treatment machinery that can be customized according to customer needs.


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