Board handling systems with vacuum suction cup.

Vacuum movers (suction cups) also radio controlled

Boards and other wooden elements can be moved quickly and securely with ISVE vacuum (suction cup) handlers for wood.

These systems use vacuum technology to give the suction cup unit a better grip on the surface of the wood, even on the most irregular ones.

Another strength of the handling systems is the possibility that the arms and lifting system are wire-guided or radio-controlled for a perfect control of all timber handling operations.


Vacuum handlers by suction cups

Models M250 – PBM 5/200 – P 3/200 – P 8/200

Devices suitable for making and undoing stacks of wooden planks or chipboards panels by a single operator, who controls them by operating a push-buttons panel that can be movable or fixed to the machine structure to serve.

All the movements are obtained by rigid supports which allow precise and linear displacements.

The devices are particularly suitable to be used for feeding and unloading operating machines, such as: cutting off, sectioning, squaring machines.

The wide range of models may comply with any operating requirement.

Automatic handlers

ISVE Srl has recently expanded the range of suction cup handlers with a new automatic model.

The main characteristic of this product is the fact that it is able to “recognize” the board using sensors, pick it up and deposit it without the need of an operator.
Among the other features, worthy of note is the capacity to handle boards which are not planed and without cracks without jeopardizing pick up and selection of the single element.
The plant allows the stacks of boards to be taken apart, loading the boards precisely on roller conveyors to feed shearing machines.

How do they work

To start the automatic cycle, use the manual controls to place the suction cup vertically over the roller conveyor to be fed. When the automatic cycle is select, the pick up and unload sequence starts.

The handler will carry out the following movements:

  • Lowering up to contact with the roller conveyor;
  • Release of board;
  • Lift up as far as the height of the level of the boards to be handles;
  • Horizontal traverse until contact is made with the top board of the stack;
  • Lower and pick up of the board by means of the suction cups;
  • Lift up and traverse to the vertical unload position of the roller conveyor;
  • Pause to wait for operator to give the ok to download.

The machine is able to carry out from 3 to 6 cycles per minute depending on the distance it has to travel. The possibility of automatically eliminating the presence of any slats is envisaged by applying as an optional a 3.5 m long brush, attached to the vacuum cups crosspiece holder functioning as a thruster.


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