Impregnation plants for wood protection

“High durability of products in all types of wood.”

The ISVE impregnators for wood ensure the high durability of products in all types of wood.

The vacuum autoclaves are designed and constructed so as to make the most of vacuum technology.
A technology that allows the active and protective ingredients to better penetrate the wood fibres ensuring superior protection against fungus and other pathogens.

As a result of these wood impregnation plants it is possible to enjoy the warmth and beauty of areas covered and decorated in wood for a long time.



ISVE wood impregnation plants are designed to maximise penetration of active ingredients in different timber species to use CLASS 4-5.

Built with high quality materials that guarantee a long-lasting service life (some IMP-VP plants have been operating for more than 40 years now!).

The plant consists of an autoclave where the wood is treated. Our unique timber trolley & door mechanism make the loading of timber into the autoclave effortless & efficient. After the first vacuum stage, the impregnating solution is flooded into the autoclave and under pressure forced into the cell structure of the timber. The combination of the initial vacuum stage and the high-pressure stage guarantees total penetration of the active ingredients.

With ISVE plants it is possible to have different degrees of automation and control, as well as treating the wood in constant pressure mode or with pressure intervals.

The treatment cycle is completely automated in order to minimise process times whilst ensuring the highest quality treatment at the lowest cost to achieve the required treatment standard with minimum emissions to the environment.

Our plants are suitable both for preserving wood and for fireproof treatments and provide detailed reports of the treatment cycle.





The IMP-PG vacuum impregnators by ISVE were designed with the specific purpose of preserving wood from attack by atmospheric and biological agents such as fungi, insects and bacteria.

In fact, these impregnation plants enable the optimal application of specific protective treatments, chosen according to the type of wood and hazard class. All this without disrupting the natural characteristics of different wood species.

The possibility of employing waterbased impregnators and the spraying of the product in a hermetically sealed  autoclave also means absolute respect for the environment.

Treatments Hazard Class: up to 3.
Fire-retardant treatment.





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I.S.V.E. designs and builds wood treatment machinery that can be customized according to customer needs.

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