Net Capacity
Heating hot water 90°C Heating
Power inst. Consumption
Cal kW Cal/h KW/h KW/h
Em6V 1220 1220 5000 2000 5800 2250 12000 2300 4 6,5 20000 6,5 8000 2,7 7
Em8V 1220 1220 8000 2000 9460 2250 17000 2300 6,5 8 30000 9 10000 3 10
Em12V 1220 1220 10600 2000 11560 2250 23000 2300 8,8 12 50000 11 15000 3,2 13
Em20V 1500 1500 12000 2400 13000 2400 24000 2500 15,2 19 100000 25 30000 6 22
Em25V 1500 1500 16000 2400 18000 2400 33000 2500 18 25 150000 28 38000 18
Em50V 2400 2400 11500 3600 13000 3800 25000 3800 25 44 300000 37,5 80000 22

High capacity EM vacuum dryers for large carpenter’s workshops

The EMV series of discontinuous dryers with capacities from 6 to 50 m3 are suitable for large carpenter’s workshops or for timber yards requiring drying quality together with high productivity.

The plant is equipped with a control computer to facilitate the programming of the process. There is no difficulty involved in learning the technology. The variation of each parameter can be displayed by connecting the dryer computer to a normal PC using Windows. With this system, besides having remote control of the cycle, it is possible to store all the process phases.

These units host all the technology and know-how developed in 40 years of designing and manufacturing wood treatment plants.

The system, operating at low temperatures, allows the water of the treated wood to evaporate without making it undergo temperature changes that could cause cracks or deformations.
Thanks to a steam generator and to the water evaporated from the wood during the drying process, the surfaces of the material are kept humid, thus avoiding the formation of small cracks, present in other drying systems.
The level of humidity necessary between the environment and the material, is constantly controlled by a condenser which precipitates the vapour in suspension.

Air conditioning of the drying chamber is carried out by alternating flow fans and by deflectors which, by means of a nest of hot water heated finned tubes, increase the temperature of the air that circulates in the pile.
This process of conditioning of the environment followed by a vacuum cycle, starts the transmigration process of the water through the cell walls of the wood, from the interior to the surface, from where the water is continually evaporated until the drying conditions wanted are reached.
The condensate deposits on the bottom of the autoclave is periodically drained off in order to maintain the environment conditions stable.


The advantages of large capacity EM systems

  • QUICKNESS OF DRYING: owing to process without air and at low temperatures which enables hourly decreases in humidity never before reached by any other system.
  • PERFECT RESULTS due to: no cracks and no warping; no colour changes; no internal tension; unchanged strength of the dried material.
  • POSSIBILITY OF DRYING: very thick material and with a very high humidity level; such as planks and wood of all kinds, semi-finished items.
  • LOW OPERATING COSTS thanks to: low thermal loss; a rational use of thermal and electric energy; no need of manual operations.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE COSTS deriving from: simple and rational construction; simple automatic devices; anticorrosive materials.


High capacity EM dryers: main features

  • Autoclave:
    – Epoxy coated steel for treatment of different kinds of wood without tannin;
    – in AISI 304 stainless steel for drying wood containing corrosive agents (bay oak, chestnut, etc.);
    – lined with insulating material covered with pre-coated sheet-steel.
  • Electric control panel with microprocessor for automatic running and stopping of the drying process.
  • Humidity control probes for the wood being dried.
  • Temperature control probes for the wood being dried.
  • Motor driver extractor trolley.
  • External control for extracting trolley.
  • Condensate circuit of water vapour from the wood, made up of stainless steel finned tubes.
  • Heating unit made up of stainless steel finned tubes
  • Hydraulic vacuum pump complete with condensate system.
  • Hot water circulation pump.
  • Humidification system.
  • Alternative flow fans for air conditioning of the drying chamber.
  • Agitators driven by gearmotors to generate air turbulence inside the autoclave.

To start up the plant simply connect it to:

  1. A f.e.m. socket;
  2. A cold water supply;
  3. Draining well to drain off the water condensate from the wood.

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