DRYING KILNS SERIES ES AND ESC with electrical platen heating and hot water heating, mostly suitable for treating semi-finished wood products, where guaranteeing a perfect final result with short drying times is required.

With the ESC-ES series vacuum dryers, which use hot plates controlled by PLC, it is possible to perform the wood drying ensuring a high standard of quality. The series includes both minidryers and dryers that open vertically and even dryers for large joineries and wood traders.


Models of ES-ESC continuous vacuum dryers for wooden semi-finished products


Dryers model ES JUNIOR and ES 2

Vacuum mini-dryer used by small craftsmen The ES Junior and ES2 series of continuous vacuum dryers are the ISVE mini-dryers…

Dryers model ESC with top opening

Vacuum dryer with TOP OPENING The ESC series vacuum dryers are particularly suitable for carpenter workshops with problems of space.…
ES Dimensioni_web_1

Dryers model ES large capacity

The ES series of continuous vacuum dryers The ES series of continuous vacuum dryers with capacities from 3 to 25…

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I.S.V.E. designs and builds wood treatment machinery that can be customized according to customer needs.


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